Camp By The Sea is excited to welcome a new Grandparent Respite Care program that will enable grandparents raising their grandchildren an opportunity to join camp this summer.

We know that grandparents face a challenges as primary caregiver to their grandchildren. Respite care options, particularly when school is not in session are essential to encouraging the long-term health of the caregiver(s). The JCC’s Camp By The Sea respite camp program will provide one week of camp during the summer months. During these times grandparent caregivers are faced with the financial and social burden of finding alternative programs and activities for their grandchildren.

Eligible grandparents raising grandchildren would be given the opportunity to select the week of their choice to attend Camp By The Sea’s day camp from 9am – 4pm of the selected week.

Are you eligible? 

In order to qualify for the Grandparent Respite Care Program you must be an Atlantic County Resident age 60+ and you MUST be the primary care giver for  your grandchild, or grandchildren entering Camp By The Sea.

Call today for more information!

Francesca Parisano, Camp Director

P: 609.822.1167  Ext. 127

Programs are partially funded under Title III of the Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended, through a grant by the Division of Intergenerational Services and is only available to Atlantic County Residents 60 years of age and older. Donations to the program are welcome, and will be used to enhance and expand existing services.

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