There will be a approximately 15 campers in each group/bunk along with 2-4 counselors.


Each bunk will have their own primary classroom in the Early Childhood Education wing of the JCC or at the Ventnor Educational Community Complex (Lafayette Avenue School). At the JCC, the first floor classrooms will be for younger campers (age 2-3) and the upstairs classrooms for older campers (grades K-1). The gymnasium and auditorium will be utilized in addition to the JCC courtyard, playgrounds and fields.


Bunks will operate independent from one another as cohorts or pods. Each group will spend the majority of their time in the fields, on the playgrounds, in the pool and on the beach. Groups will also enjoy indoor time for lunch, art projects and activities in their designated classroom space. We will be carefully monitoring camper scheduling and program locations to ensure all camp groups maintain the recommended ten-foot distance from each other.


Many of our camp staff is from our Early Childhood Education Center and returning camp staff and they are very familiar with the camp program and your child(ren)’s needs. All staff will receive extensive training regarding COVID-19 safety and protocol.


This summer, there will be no parents / guardians permitted into the camp. Arrival will entail a communicated drop off procedure, temperature check and wellness questions. All arriving staff will undergo the same procedure daily. Specifics regarding your camper’s drop off location will be communicated in May.


Parents must pack a dairy (non-meat) lunch daily. Camp will offer a pizza lunch every Friday for a small fee. More information about this option will be communicated in May.


This summer we will be following the guidelines set forth by the CDC and the New Jersey Department of Health. When outdoors in the fields, playgrounds, beach or the swimming pool, our campers will not have to wear masks. Masks must be worn during arrival, dismissal, in bunk rooms, and during transition times (i.e. walking to pool/fields and on the busses). Please note, this is subject to change as the New Jersey Department of Health updates the guidelines.


Weather permitting, campers will swim 2-3 times per week in the outdoor pool. Our younger campers will enjoy water play in the courtyard. There will always be at least two lifeguards present in addition to your child’s counselors. The outdoor pool will be closed to JCC members and guests during the camp day.