Join us for an unforgettable experience filled with fun, friendship, and fantastic activities next summer.

First Day of Camp – June 24
Last Day of Camp – August 16


Secure your 2024 Camp By The Sea registration with a $400 payment towards your camp tuition. All camp fees must be paid in full by April 1. Camp weeks are not secured until registration is complete and tuition is paid in full.

2024 Summer Camp Rates

Camp By The Sea offers member and guest rates. The member rate is exclusively available to those with an active Milton & Betty Katz JCC Parent & Child or Family Membership.*

The guest rate is available to families who are not Katz JCC members. The guest rate does not include Katz JCC membership privileges. Membership to the JCC can be acquired online at or in person at the Welcome Center in the Katz JCC Main Lobby at a discounted rate for summer camp families.

Shacar Katan & Shacar Ages 2-4

Four Week Rate

Shacar Katan & Shacar must choose 4 consecutive weeks:
June 24 – July 19 or July 22 – August 16

Tuesday & Thursday  
Half Day$850 $1,250
Full Day$1,100 $1,650
Monday, Wednesday & Friday  
Half Day$1,150 $1,700
Full Day$1,400 $1,950
Monday – Friday  
Half Day$1,600 $2,150
Full Day$2,300 $2,800

Eight Week Rate

Tuesday & Thursday  
Half Day$1,200 $1,750
Full Day$1,550 $2,025
Monday, Wednesday & Friday  
Half Day$1,600 $2,100
Full Day$1,850 $2,400
Monday – Friday  
Half Day$2,160 $2,600
Full Day$3,200 $3,600

Gesher & Chaverim Grades K-3

Number of WeeksMemberGuest
8 Weeks$3,700$4,100
7 Weeks$3,600$4,000
6 Weeks$3,300$3,750
5 Weeks$2,900$3,400
4 Weeks$2,400$2,950
3 Weeks$1,900$2,350
2 Weeks$1,300$1,700
1 Week$700$900

Noar & Giborim Grades 4-8

Number of WeeksMemberGuest
8 Weeks$3,950$4,350
7 Weeks$3,850$4,300
6 Weeks$3,600$4,100
5 Weeks$3,200$3,750
4 Weeks$2,700$3,250
3 Weeks$2,100$2,600
2 Weeks$1,500$1,850
1 Week$775$1,000

L.I.T. Leaders In Training Grade 9

Number of WeeksMemberGuest
8 Weeks$1,375$1,775
7 Weeks$1,275$1,675
6 Weeks$1,175$1,575
5 Weeks$1,075$1,475
4 Weeks$950$1,350

*The child(ren) registering for camp must be active members at the time of registration and at the start of camp to qualify for member rates.