LIT Leaders In Training

Grade 9

Our LIT, Leaders In Training program combines the opportunity of learning how to become a great counselor and leader while still having fun as a teenager. Camp LITs are asked to commit to at least four weeks, but are encouraged to spend all eight weeks with us. Leadership workshops help teens learn about child development, conflict resolution and group dynamics.

Through hands-on training, the program gives teens useful tools and information on how to be an effective counselor. LITs learn how to plan an activity, interact effectively with both campers and co-counselors, handle tough situations and form connections with campers. LITs are required to attend camp staff training and orientation to be a part of the program.

All Leaders In Training require an interview. Once registered LITs will receive an email to schedule an interview. If you are not accepted to the program this year you will be notified and your deposit will be refunded. This does not disqualify you from applying in the future.

For more information call 609-822-1167 or email